Our Enterprise: we build cloud companies

A modern and innovative investment company, HW PARTNERS has been focused on creating and investing in businesses that are active in the field of cloud-based B2B software ever since 2006.

People at HW PARTNERS are combining entrepreneurial common sense and year-long operational leadership with a deep expertise and unparalelled know-how edge in the field of cloud computing: We are passionate entrepreneurs.

It is exactly this passion and experience that we transfer to our investment companies, thereby enabling them to reach their full potential.

Each stakeholder can profit from a partner with whom they can discuss matters without having much to explain – a partner who is able to make fast, independent and unbureaucratic decisions.


HW PARTNERS‘ board and partners can look back at a long experience as founders and board members of GWI AG. GWI AG was founded in 1990 and emerged as the leading software provider in the health care sector of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

When GWI AG was sold to Agfa-Gevaert in 2005, ist was rated one of Germany’s top 10 companies for the development of standard software, with sales exceeding 125 million Euros, an EBT of more than 25% and 1.000 staff in four countries. Link: die GWI AG bei Wikipedia

HW PARTNERS AG was founded in 2002 with the aim both to make high-tech investments exclusively in the field of cloud companies and to establish their own cloud companies.

Two companies, Scopevisio and CenterDevice, emerged as home-grown companies from this venture. Meanwhile, both companies have established themselves as pioneering standard software applications in their respective areas. The cloud based business software suite Scopevisio was repeatedly awarded as “ERP System of the year”.

All board members of the former GWI AG are nowadays active in HW PARTNERS AG.

Our Vision

We want to become Germany’s leading provider of cloud-based business applications


With HW PARTNERS, companies will have a professional partner with a long-term thinking, who will prove his perseverance even in a difficult situation.

We are predictable, reliable and trustworthy. Unlike many financial investors we are not inclined to rush decisions or restructuring measures.
We examine our engagements carefully while keeping an entrepreneurial eye on the essentials. When we enter into an investment, we don’t waste a thought on a possible future exit. We do not have an exit strategy because our engagements are long-term.

As an investment company that uses its own financial resources, we are also able to move swiftly and flexibly with no need for time-consuming consultations or administrative overhead.

Dr. Jörg Haas, Founder and Chairman of HW PARTNERS AG

Group companies

HW Partners AG is part of a larger group, making investments in cloud software companies, high-class real estate, hotels and gastronomy as well as company participations. The whole group includes more than 40 companies.

The group is based at the historical Rohmühle building, located at “Bonner Bogen”. With a gross floor area exceeding 150.000 m² both underground and overground, the Bonner Bogen was for the most part developed and built by companies belonging to HW Partners Group.

We would like to present to you some oft these companies:

  1. The Bonn Visio Real Estate Group develops, builds, lends and manages properties. Various property management companies such as BonnVisio and DevelopVisio as well as the project development company ImmoVisio GmbH and the facility management business EcoVisio GmbH are part of the Group. The Group’s portfolio encompasses properties such as Kameha Grand Hotel Bonn, Bonn Marriott World Conference Hotel, Klosterhotel Marienhöh,  Bergwiesenglück in Austria, Humboldt Carré Berlin, Rolandsbogen, Rheinwerk 3, Parkhaus am Bonner BogenHaus der freien Berufe.
  1. The Invite Group is formed by various operating companies in the hotel, gastronomy and leisure industries. By means of example, the Invite Group is running Kameha Grand Bonn, Bonn Marriott World Conference Hotel, Klosterhotel Marienhöh, Gendarmerie, Rolandsbogen, Austernbank, YUNICO, Rheinalm,  Visiolife als solution provider for Health, Beauty & Wellness as well as Sportparks Bonn-Rhein-Sieg.
  1. On top of this, the Group is holding shares of medium-sized companies of various branches and focus areas. For example, the Group’s portfolio also includes substantial participations in the companies Bodymed, Gartana, Autohaus Eifel Mosel and others.