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Strategy: Pure Cloud B2B Software

Our strategy is clearly set out: We are exclusively focused on cloud-based B2B software. Ever since 2006 we have been convinced that cloud computing is going to prevail over the traditional “on premise” model, because the advantages of cloud computing are simply too appealing to end users.

In retrospect we have been proved right. SaaS services as B2B Software are being used and integrated in existing IT environments by an increasing number of companies. Cloud applications are an excellent tool to integrate modern forms of co-operation, such as e-collaboration, in companies’ business processes.

And all this can be done at a fraction of the cost of an “on-premise” implementation. However, the major appeal of cloud computing is also its biggest challenge: It is the enormous speed at which things are developing. By means of our outstanding know-how we want to remain technology leaders, e.g. when it comes to integrating visionary technologies, such as the Internet of Things, into our business applications.

Hich-Tech cloud companies

HW PARTNERS is not only an investment company, it has also founded several companies of its own such as Scopevisio, CenterDevice and Legalvisio. Both figure among the leading providers of cloud bases B2B standard software today.

Scopevisio‘ cloud-based standard business software has won the ERP System of the year award multiple times ( B2B Software ). We are very proud of this achievement because we see it as a reward for many years of pioneering work in the field of cloud based B2B software.

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Filosof – in April 2018 Scopevisio has acquired Filosof Software GmbH, a leading manufacturer of software for the hotel and restaurant industry ( B2B Software ). A result of that merger will be „Filosof 4.0“, a saas based software solution.

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dvo – in May 2019 Scopevisio has acquired dvo GmbH, a leading manufacturer of software for the business and accounting industry in Austria( B2B Software ). In the futur dvo will be offering Scopevisio´s cloud ERP solutions in ist neighbouring country.

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Legalvisio – cloud software for law firms ( B2B Software ): This company is providing a maximum of digitisation and automation to law firms.

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CenterDevice, a cloud-based DMS (Document Management System), has also set new standards. Today, CenterDevice is firmly integrated in many businesses‘ work routine, facilitating communication and collaboration for their employees.

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B2B Software, Private Equity - HW PARTNERS AG

B2B Software, Private Equity - HW PARTNERS AG

Gig Economy Companies

HW PARTNERS is active in the growing Gig Economy business. Based on a cloud platform our companies provide a perfect matching of supply and demand in their specific areas.

The ‘Virtual’ Employee in a ‘Gig’ Economy

GigWork is a cloud based jobdating platform that automatically links candidates and companies together – without a classical application procedure as with regular job portals.

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As the first Gig economy platform in vehicle trading Carmato relies on a fully digitized business model. An interactive price proposal and bidding system, an automated entry of vehicle data and our intuitive User2User-communication system set a new benchmark in online trading.

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Cloud Application / Artificial Intelligence

agindo is a software company focussed on development of cloud based solutions an add ins, B2B Software as well as B2C Software. The company is also specialized in the integration of Microsoft 365 products into existing IT infrastructure (ERP cloud based or local, existing software solutions of clients etc.) like MS-Sharepoint 365, MS-Power BI etc.

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Hypatos uses deeplearning technology to automate document processing tasks in backoffices to improve work and make organisations more efficient.

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B2B Software, Private Equity - HW PARTNERS AG

B2B Software, Private Equity - HW PARTNERS AG

Digital Hub Bonn

The Digital Hub Bonn is a centre for start-ups in the digital economy. It is intended to help young entrepreneurs to create networks with local businesses.

The idea is to create a platform where scientists, students, entrepreneurs, technology people, start-ups, investors and regional players can network and find an inspiring climate for digital talents, ideas and innovation, as well as entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial education.

Or let’s just say, a modern office environment with enough space for 10 to 15 young companies. These companies will be coached, guided and funded by regional investors, business development agencies, universities and companies. These sponsors will be giving advice and provide infrastructure and money to start-ups and in exchange they will be participating in their successes.

Dr. Jörg Haas, Chairman of HWPARTNERS AG and Manager of Digital Hub emphasizes the importance of the project by pointing out that “Today‘s start-ups are the medium-sized companies of tomorrow”.

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Investment criterion: pure cloud or nothing

Our heart is beating for the cloud and our investment criteria are defined accordingly. HW PARTNERS offers financial engagement in pure cloud companies, preferably run by producers and providers of cloud-based business application software.

We prefer a business model where applications are provided on-demand as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and settled using the Pay-per-Use method. With regard to turnover or size of the companies we pose no restrictions, yet it is important that the product and service portfolio suits us well, ideally supplementing our Scopevisio or CenterDevice portfolios with complementary offerings.

When we enter into an investment, we don’t waste a thought on a possible future exit. We do not have an exit strategy because our engagements are long-term. We are neither a venture capital provider, nor a pure financial investor. Instead, we „live“ our mission to “JOINTLY MAKE IT HAPPEN”: We invest our own funds to aquire a majority stake, so we can provide lasting support and guidance to the respective company, rather than just administering it.

B2B Software, Private Equity - HW PARTNERS AG

B2B Software, Private Equity - HW PARTNERS AG


HW PARTNERS is offering the opportunity to join us in our company engagements to selected co-investors who meet our investment requirements.

Investment partners should support our mission to “JOINTLY MAKE IT HAPPEN” in the same way the companies we choose for our common investments do.

In the long run we strive to create value and we do this in many different ways. While we want to extend our know-how lead, we aim to operate our investments profitably, develop them to their full market potential and use synergies for sustainable improvement of their success prospects.

We would like to invite both companies and individuals who are interested in co-investements to a personal discussion about how we can join forces together.



Scopevisio wins IT Award in Gold
Scopevisio once again won an award at CloudComputing Insider Portal in the Cloud-ERP category this year. Scopevisio is awarded Gold, after SAP (Platinum).


Scopevisio wins IT Award in Silver
Scopevisio once again won an award at CloudComputing Insider Portal in the Cloud-ERP category this year. Scopevisio is awarded Silver.

Innovation award 2016

agindo awarded for innovation 
The HWPARTNERS associate company agindo has been awarded in Salzburg, Austria with the innovation award 2016 by VW financial services AG for KAMPUSS, an application that agindo has developed in cooperation with a car dealer.


Scopevisio wins IT Award in Platinum
Scopevisio once again won the CloudComputing Insider Portal IT Award in the Cloud-ERP category this year. Scopevisio is awarded Platinum, followed by SAP (Gold) and Exact (Silver). In spring, the insider portals of Vogel IT Medien had called on their readers to choose their suppliers and providers of the year. The editors of the six insider portals had prepared short lists with up to ten major companies per category for participants to choose from. The vote, which ran until the end of August, covered 42 categories in total.

IT Innovation Award 2016

Scopevisio receives “Best of 2016” award
Initiative Mittelstand rewards the most innovative solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the “IT Innovation Award”. This award and two special prizes are granted in 38 categories, covering all important areas of modern IT. Scopevisio was included in the “Best of” list in 2016.

Germany at its best 2016

Award in the “Technology / Innovation” category
Scopevisio was honored as part of the “Germany at its best: North Rhine-Westphalia” campaign and figures among the “top achievers” in NRW. The campaign was launched by NRW.INVEST, the economic development agency of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. The aim of the campaign is to showcase the diversity and high achievements of local companies and to promote NRW as a top business location.


Platinum Award in the Cloud Computing / SaaS category
In the reader survey 2015 of Vogel IT Medien, Scopevisio emerged as the winner and received the Cloud Computing Insider Award (Platinum) in the “Software as a Service” category. Other winners in the category include Salesforce (Gold) and SugarCRM (Silver). The six insider portals of Vogel IT Medien, including CloudComputing Insider, figure among the most important professional portals for IT decision-makers in Germany. The reader survey lasted over 20 weeks. A total of 25,000 votes were cast. The IT Awards were awarded for the first time this year.

Cloud Leader 2015

Top rating in the Experton Group benchmark
In its current cloud vendor benchmark, the Experton Group has classified Scopevisio as a “cloud leader”. Scopevisio received this rating in the category “SaaS ERP for SMEs”. The Experton Group is one of the leading analysts in the DACH region. Each year, the Cloud Vendor Benchmark is used to create an independent comparison of cloud computing companies. The study gives decision makers in user companies a differentiated overview of the most important service and technology providers in the market.

IT Innovation Award 2015

Scopevisio receives “Best of 2015” award
The Scopevisio Suite has received the “Best of 2015” award in the ERP category at this year’s IT Innovation Award. Initiative Mittelstand has been granting this prize for twelve years to companies that offer innovative IT solutions with high value for medium-sized businesses.

Innovation Prize 2013

Scopevisio praised as ERP System of the Year
Scopevisio won the “ERP system of the year” innovation prize 2013. This prize is awarded each year by the “Center for Enterprise Research” at University of Potsdam.

SME special award 2013

Scopevisio receives ERP System of the Year award
Scopevisio won the SME special special award “ERP system of the year” in 2013. This prize is awarded each year by the “Center for Enterprise Research” at University of Potsdam.

Accounting 2010

Scopevisio receives ERP System of the Year award
Scopevisio won the “ERP system of the year” award in the “Accounting” category in 2013. This prize is awarded each year by the “Center for Enterprise Research” at University of Potsdam.