New book released by Prof. Dr. Alexander Pohl

New book released by Prof. Dr. Alexander Pohl

2017: Prof. Dr. Alexander Pohl, partner of HW PARTNERS AG has released his new book “Innovation und Marketing”.

The book is the result of many years of scientific and practical experience in the area of ​​innovation management. It is based on the perception that innovation and marketing must be inextricably linked.

The book provides cutting-edge insight in both scientific and practical matters. It starts with a description of current technological trends and evolutions. The focus is on key technologies that are crucial for the digitization of companies, such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, Semantic Web and Big Data.

The authors believe that textbooks on innovation management and innovation marketing should also take these development trends into account. Particular emphasis is laid on the systematic distinction between product and service innovations. The usage innovations introduced here relate to services in which companies generate revenues from the application of innovation on the customer side.

Corresponding lease and pay-per-use pricing models are becoming more and more important with regard to digital products. These pricing models are also used by the affiliate companies of HW Partners.

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