Extension of the Microsoft expertise

Extension of the Microsoft expertise Press release of the dated 06.07.2017: Scopevisio extends partnership with Microsoft expert agindo. As a High-Tech-Holding company the HW PARTNERS AG, located in Bonn has aquired shares in Microsoft integration partner agindo and has insofar secured additional Microsoft expertise. The aim is to extend and strengthen the Microsoft integration in the cloud based business software Scopevisio. To ... Read More

CV Dr. Jörg Haas

CV Dr. Jörg Haas June 2017: Dr. Jörg Haas is an passionate entrepreneur, visionary for digital transformation and expert for artificial intelligence. He ist founder and board member of the HW PARTNERS AG, the BonnVisio Group and the Invite Group, all located and based in Bonn. We have provided his detailled CV for download in pdf format. CV of Dr. Jörg Haas

ERP-Interview with Scopevisio

ERP-Interview with Scopevisio 08.06.2017: ERP-Interview with Scopevisio: digital assistants and artificial intelligence (AI). The ERP-News-editorial team under the leadership of Matthias Weber has made an interview with Dr. Jörg Haas (Scopevisio AG) about digital assistants and artificial intelligence (AI). The ERP-Interview provides interesting views into the vision of prospective software generations. To the interview

New book released by Prof. Dr. Alexander Pohl

New book released by Prof. Dr. Alexander Pohl 2017: Prof. Dr. Alexander Pohl, partner of HW PARTNERS AG has released his new book "Innovation und Marketing". The book is the result of many years of scientific and practical experience in the area of ​​innovation management. It is based on the perception that innovation and marketing must be inextricably linked. The book provides ... Read More