We build Cloud Companies '17


Our heart is beating for the cloud: our cloud-based business software Scopevisio has received the „Software of the Year“ award multiple times.


Our aim is to be Germany’s leading-edge producer and provider in the area of cloud-based standard software.


Since 2006 we have been exclusively committed to the world of cloud computing. Over the years, we have built a profound knowledge in the development of sophisticated cloud-based solutions.


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Our home-grown companies

CenterDevice and Scopevisio figure among the leading providers of B2B standard software in Germany.


Digital Hub Bonn

We are not only promoting our own companies but also supporting start-ups with digital business models (as shareholders and investors of the Bonn Digital Hub).


Media coverage of HW PARTNERS

HW PARTNERS‘ board members are often in the media, thanks to their outstanding know-how and expertise in the area of cloud computing.


From Industry 1.0 to Digital Revolution 4.0 – our headquarters @ „Bonner Rohmühle“

Like no other building, our offices at „Bonner Rohmühle“ reflect the fundamental change that has taken place during four generations of industrial revolution.

The premises were built 1856 – 1858 and, as the German name suggests, were used as a limestone grinding facility of the former “Bonner Zementfabrik” (Bonn Cement Factory). It can therefore be classified as an industrial manufacturing site of Generation 1.0. This generation is characterised by „mechanisation through water, air, and finally steam power used for driving mills, looms, steam engines or the like“.

After an eventful history, the Bonn Cement Factory was closed down definitely in 1987 and the building was left empty.

Since its extensive revitalisation in 2004, the premises at Rohmühle have served as headquarters for HWPartners and their associated cloud investments Scopevisio and CenterDevice. Both businesses are high-tech-companies of Generation 4.0, defined as „fully automated machine-to-machine maufacturing“.