Empowering Scopevisio

Shaping companies

Targeted investments and acquisitions strengthen the know-how and presence of our companies in markets and industries.

By investing in software companies that fit together, we create a diverse but integrated product range for our customers. In Scopevisio AG, numerous of our companies grow together to form one large unit in a software group.

Scopevisio AG is one of the most successful cloud ERP providers in Germany. It has been developing cloud-based enterprise software for medium-sized businesses since 2007. Its great passion for new technologies and the courage to break new ground are what set it apart.

2007, Self-founded company


Core Product

Scopevisio was the first self-founded company of HW PARTNERS AG and is today one of the leading providers in the field of cloud-based B2B standard business software. Scopevisio has been awarded several times as ERP system of the year, a fact we are very proud of and with which we have been rewarded for our many years of pioneering work in the field of cloud-based B2B software.

2011, Self-founded company


Product Extension

CenterDevice as a central DMS and ECM system has become an integral part of the daily work of many companies. Data is particularly secure with Centerdevice, because Centerdevice has the C5 certificate of the BSI. The application is integrated into the Scopevisio product suite under the name TEAMWORK.

2014, Self-founded company


Market Development

As an industry solution, Legalvisio serves the target group of lawyers and notaries. As an industry solution, it is optionally linked to other Scopevisio applications such as the financial system and the DMS.

2015, Self-founded company


Portfolio Expansion

As the first gig economy platform in the vehicle trade, Carmato relies on a completely digitized business model. An interactive price proposal and bidding system, automated vehicle entry and our intuitive User2User communication system set new standards in online trading.

2017, Company acquisition

Agindo (SV Extensions)

Product Extension

Agindo, now Scopevisio Extensions, is a specialist for Microsoft applications and optimizes applications and processes for customers as an integral part of the Scopevisio Group.

2018, Company acquisition


Market Development

Filosof is a financial and payroll software company in the hospitality market. Today, the company operates as Filosof by Scopevisio and, as a specialist for the hospitality market, draws on Scopevisio's state-of-the-art products.

2018, Investment in a company


Product Extension

The deeplearning technology developed by Hypatos, automates document workflows and increases efficiency in companies.

2019, Company acquisition



In May 2019, Scopevisio AG acquired dvo GmbH, a leading provider in Austria for tax advisor and business software. As a result, Scopevisio AG now also offers its cloud-based solutions in the neighboring country.

2020, Company acquisition


Market Development

E+S Unternehmensberatung für EDV GmbH develops and sells software for personnel service providers, accounting, payroll and controlling.

2021, Company acquisition


Product Extension

iQuadrat offers innovative software solutions for document management, flexible processes and legally compliant archiving. It thus represents an optimal complement to the existing products TEAMWORK and CenterDevice.

2021, Self-founded company

Deutsche Autohaus AG

Portfolio Expansion

DAAG offers car dealers a digital transaction platform for online business in order to retain existing customers and acquire new digitally-savvy customers.

The platform was developed in cooperation between the Carmato Group and participating car dealers.

2022, Company acquisition


Product Extension

act'o-soft is a provider of POS software as well as ERP, merchandise management and fiscal solutions and thus offers the opportunity to expand Scopevisio's solution portfolio in the area of retail business.

2023, Asset Deal


Market Development

Legalvisio takes over the main product "Kanzlei-Manager" (law firm manager) from the company GKO including its clients and employees. Kanzlei-Manager is a proven software solution for small to medium-sized law firms.

2023, Company acquisition


Market Development

FibuNet GmbH is a renowned and highly specialised provider of software solutions for financial accounting and controlling in medium-sized companies.

2024, Asset Deal

Human Resource Management (HRM)

Market Development

Scopevisio is taking over the HR division of MKS IT Software & Solutions GmbH, thereby expanding its range of services from applicant management to digital employee files and time recording in Human Resource Management (HRM). In addition to the deep integration of the powerful HR components that has already begun, Scopevisio is gaining an experienced HR team and extensive expertise through this strategic step.


Expanding the group of companies

The group of companies has grown strongly in recent years. Further acquisitions are planned for the future in order to expand Scopevisio's product and market spectrum. In addition, HW PARTNERS is building up other companies and groups of companies in new areas.

We are looking forward to exciting new companies with whom we can conquer the market together.