Shared EntrepreneurshipHW PARTNERS

We are passionate entrepreneurs and develop software companies into market leaders. We are success-oriented entrepreneurs and work together with our partners in management.

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Focus on enterprise softwareWhat we do

We invest in enterprise software companies and contribute our experience in running software companies.

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Growth and technological modernizationOur philosophy

We pursue a consistent growth strategy and actively accompany companies on their path to market leadership. We rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence as well as platform economy and support companies in product modernization..

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Investments in software companiesWho we are looking for

We are permanently looking for investment opportunities. We specialize in ERP companies whose owners are looking for a successor or whose products need to be modernized.

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Shared Entrepreneurship

We build leading Cloud Companies

The team of HW PARTNERS combines entrepreneurial common sense with many years of operational management responsibility, an enormous expertise and an immense know-how advantage in the field of cloud computing and cloud companies: We are entrepreneurs by passion.

We bring exactly this passion and experience to our portfolio companies and help them to develop their full potential.



We lead software companies into the future

HW PARTNERS actively participates in software companies and offers these companies an attractive business environment. We specialize in the acquisition of ERP software companies

A special focus is on companies with traditional software technology, where a major product modernization is imminent. Here we offer, for example, Scopevisio, a modern cloud enterprise software platform. With technological modernization, it is possible to retain and develop customers, thus ensuring the continued existence of the company and its employees. Likewise, we can ensure the future of a software company during company succession.


You want to ensure long-term succession in your company?


You have an outdated technology and want to make your software ready for the future with us and our know-how?


Do you have stagnating growth, but potential and ideas on how to improve it?




Dr. Jörg Haas awarded the "Bröckemännche-Preis 2024"


Scopevisio expands software portfolio to include HR management


'11th Cloud Unternehmertag' of Scopevisio AG on 07.02.2024


Scopevisio defends gold at CloudComputing Insider Award 2023


High-tech start-ups and participations

We are very pleased to now be part of the Scopevisio family. This step into a common future means further development for act'o-soft and added value for our customers.

Christian Malachowski

Founder and Managing Director of act'o-soft GmbH