Dr. Jörg Haas as entrepreneur from Bonn has been awarded this year's "Bröckemännche-Preis" by the Bonner Medien Club (BMC), the association of media and communication professionals from Bonn and the region. The award ceremony will take place in June 2024.

The "Bröckemännche-Preis" is named after a sandstone figure that hangs on Bonn's Kennedy Bridge and is awarded as a miniature version. The prize is awarded to courageous, critical and unconventional people. Among the prize winners are Dr. Hans Riegel (Haribo), Wolfgang Clement and Prof. Dr. Nike Wagner.

The Bonner Medien Club describes the work of Dr. Jörg Haas in the context of the award:

Jörg Haas (born in Prüm in 1963) is an entrepreneurial personality who does not like to push himself to the fore. Yet the "Eifeler Jung" has had an outstanding career path. After a solid academic education in Trier - including a doctorate as "Dr. rer. pol." - Haas was drawn to the world of business.

After studying business informatics as well as economics and social sciences, he and a fellow student founded the company Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsberatung und Informatik (GWI), which became one of the ten largest software companies in Germany with software for hospitals and which the two later sold to Agfa-Gevaert (now Dedalus Healthcare). Haas was also co-founder of HW Partners AG, an entrepreneurial investment company specializing in medium-sized companies in the information technology sector.

Groundbreaking software technology and architecture projects

His entrepreneurial activities brought Jörg Haas to Bonn. He was instrumental in the founding of Scopevisio AG and the BonnVisio Group, which realize groundbreaking software technology and architecture projects, including the "AI-driven cloud based enterprise software", which won the "ERP System of the Year 2023" award, and the award-winning Kameha Grand Hotel in Bonn.

With his Invite Group, the entrepreneur also operates four hotels and twelve restaurants. Today, the "Bonner Bogen" bears the visible signature of the entrepreneur, where his headquarters are also located in the historic builing Rohmühle. Other highly visible examples of Haas' work in the region are the Bonn Marriott World Conference Hotel and the Rolandsbogen.

A heart for the start-up scene

Jörg Haas is involved in and for the start-up scene in Bonn and is one of the initiators of the successful Digital Hub Bonn, which offers space and support for digital start-ups.

"Always friendly in his manner, but determined in his approach, Jörg Haas consistently pursues his goals and projects," says BMC Chairman Prof. Dr. Andreas Archut. "However, he not only has his own entrepreneurial interests in mind, but also the common good." His positive creative power and development achievements are remarkable. "He is not impressed by resistance, remains positive and a reliable figure for Bonn, even if doors would certainly be open to him elsewhere, as his commitment extends far beyond Bonn and Germany. He has therefore demonstrated the qualities that have now led to his being awarded the Bröckemännche-Preis," continued Archut.