About us

Our Vision

We want to become one of Germany's leading providers for cloud-based business applications.


With HW PARTNERS, companies have a professional, long-term thinking partner who demonstrates perseverance even in difficult business situations.

We are predictable, reliable and dependable. In contrast to many purely financial investors, there are no hasty decisions or restructurings.

We review a commitment with an entrepreneurial eye on the essentials, and when we invest, we pursue a long-term perspective.

As an investment company that invests its own funds in cloud companies, we are also in a position to react flexibly and at short notice, without the need for lengthy consultations or a high level of bureaucracy.

Dr. Jörg Haas, Founder and Board Member HW PARTNERS AG


What distinguishes us

With more than 20 years of experience, we can look back on the successful development of B2B software companies. We operate in a larger corporate group, through which new synergies can be drawn again and again.


More than 20 years of experience


Average 50% growth p.a. in the portfolio companies


Membership in a network with more than 60 companies

How we work

Since 2006, we have been a modern and innovative investment company focused on founding and investing in companies in the field of "cloud-based B2B software". Part of our activity is to identify suitable investment opportunities for our software group Scopevisio AG and to accompany the investment.

The aim is to offer suitable companies a secure and stable future and employees a long-term perspective. In doing so, we are concerned both with pure participation or complete takeover of shares as well as with integrating existing companies into Scopevisio and making a common product landscape available to customers.

With our entrepreneurial approach and joint creation at eye level, we are an ideal incubator and accelerator for (cloud) B2B technology companies. It helps everyone involved if they can discuss things with someone to whom you don't have to explain a lot - and who is able to make decisions quickly, independently and unbureaucratically.

Our success factors

  • HW PARTNERS combines B2B cloud technology companies into a synergistic group of companies
  • Superior technological architecture through automation in a multi-tenancy cloud business application using Artificial Intelligence
  • Recognize megatrend (25 years) and translate it into tactical actions (3-5 years)
  • Distinct customer experience as philosophy and customer satisfaction as central business focus
  • Business model as an all-around IT provider with SaaS fees on Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in a customer-friendly "pay-what-you-get" approach
  • Technology drives business

Which companies fit to us

Basically, all companies in the field of ERP software with commercial software solutions for companies are interesting. This includes, for example, the areas of financial accounting, commerce/e-commerce, project management, billing, DMS/ECM.

It is important to us that these are established and profitable providers who are active as medium-sized companies in the DACH market.

2 - 20 million EUR turnover

Companies in this turnover range with stable sales in recent years

Profitable software provider

Vendors that operate profitably and have potential for further growth, which may be achieved via further investments.

Established provider

Software companies that are not in an early market phase, but are already firmly positioned and have a customer base.

Industry or product specialist

Suppliers who are specialized in their product area or industry and thus address a special customer group

DACH market

Companies that are located and active in the DACH market, i.e. Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Growth potential

Companies that are currently experiencing stagnating growth but see major growth opportunities through investments in technology, for example.

We already know the people behind Scopevisio from past business relationships as trustworthy and highly innovative partners who bring with them a technology platform that is unique in the German market.

Fritz Geisemeier

Managing Director of E&S Softwarelösungen

Company succession in special focus

Your software company has developed well: you are established with your products, have professionally well-trained and motivated employees, an interesting customer base and are looking for a succession plan for a secure continuation of your company.

Within the scope of the investment search, HW PARTNERS offers equity capital, individual models for the previous owners and a long-term perspective for the employees. The client base benefits from attractive offers for the use of modern business software.

Here we can rely on more than 20 years of experience in the management of medium-sized companies and group companies. The previous owners and managing directors can remain in their roles in the company or leave the company after an orderly transition.

Over the past 30 years, we have walked a large part of the digitization journey together with our customers. Now it was time to think about the future. We are pleased that, thanks to HW PARTNERS, the succession and smooth transition of our company could be ensured.

Thomas Brück

Managing Director at Filosof Software GmbH

Track Record

The board members and partners of HW PARTNERS AG look back on many years of experience as entrepreneurs in the IT software business. First as founders and board members of GWI AG and later with the establishment of numerous software companies, they created a renowned software company network.

GWI was founded in 1990 in Trier, Germany, and was transformed into a public limited company (AG) in 1994. GWI has developed into the most important software company in the healthcare sector in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France.

At the time of the sale of GWI AG to Agfa-Gevaert in 2005, the company was one of Germany's TOP10 companies for the development of standard software with a turnover of over 125 million euros, an EBT of over 25% and over 1,000 employees in four countries. Link: GWI AG at Wikipedia

HW PARTNERS AG was founded in 2002 with the aim of investing exclusively in cloud companies as a high-tech investor or founding cloud companies itself.

The first two self-founded companies, Scopevisio and CenterDevice, have since established themselves as groundbreaking standard software applications in their respective fields; Scopevisio has already received several awards as the cloud-based enterprise software ERP system of the year.

Group of companies

HW PARTNERS is part of a larger group of companies that invests in cloud software companies, high-end real estate, hotels & restaurants and entrepreneurial investments. The group of companies consists of more than 60 companies.

The headquarters of the group is the historic Rohmühle at the Bonner Bogen. The Bonner Bogen, with over 150,000 m² of gross floor area above and below ground, was largely developed and built by this group of companies.

The group of companies includes a large number of companies that can be assigned to the following groups of companies:

  1. The Bonn Visio Group Bonn Visio Group , builds, leases, manages and supervises real estate. The group includes various property companies, a project development company and an infrastructure provider.
  2. The Invite Group is a group of operating companies in the hotel, gastronomy and leisure sector. The Group includes, for example, various hotels, restaurants and fitness providers in the premium segment. The Invite Group also provides shared services within this group.
  3. In addition, the Group holds stakes in medium-sized companies in various sectors and with various orientations. Thus, the group of companies also includes significant holdings in the companies Beta Klinik, Beta Genese, Gartana and Beta Klinik, Beta Genese, Gartana and several more.