The Bonner Media Club (BMC) honored entrepreneur Dr. Jörg Haas with the Bröckemännche Prize at this year's summer reception in June 2024, which was attended by almost 300 guests at the Godesburg.

In his welcoming address, BMC Chairman Prof. Dr. Andreas Archut spoke about the fatal consequences of the "multiple crises" of our time. The flood of bad news is doing something to people. "The collective blunting of catastrophic news goes hand in hand with the shifting of personal responsibility," he quoted the ZEIT newspaper. And he countered that there are still people who buck all the trends and take on responsibility, for example in local politics. Encouraging people and taking responsibility are also qualities of this year's Bröckemännche award winner: "Jörg Haas is an entrepreneur in the best sense of the word. He not only has entrepreneurial interests in mind, but also the common good." With his commitment to the Digital Hub Bonn, he has very successfully supported people in founding digital companies.

"His positive creative power and his development work are remarkable," said Archut about Jörg Haas. He did not disagree, but emphasized that he could certainly recognize himself in the definition of the Bröckemännche Prize. "For me, going against the grain does not mean being unfriendly, abandoning etiquette or insulting people personally," said Haas. Freedom of opinion is a valuable asset, other opinions are welcome, because "everyone is usually a little bit right".

Opinions have to be expressed, even if not everyone likes them. And that is exactly what the new prizewinner did by presenting ten theses "as a warning for the beautiful city of Bonn". There was something for everyone in the advice he gave. For example, Haas called for more trust and freedom for managers and the performance principle in public administration. Haas warned against playing ecology and economy off against each other. The economy is a decisive location factor, he said, because: "No moss, no gain..." Haas pleaded for investment in favor of children and young people and the development of a vision for the future of the federal city.

For the laudatory speech for Dr. Haas, the BMC had recruited someone who is used to building bridges - for example between the University of Bonn and urban society. The Rector of the University of Excellence, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Michael Hoch, found very personal words of appreciation for the prizewinner, whom he has known for many years. His laudatory speech was a very personal tribute to the man Jörg Haas with his many well-known and lesser-known facets, which Prof. Hoch had worked out in conversation with friends and companions in preparation for the evening.


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